A bit more practice time than you thought you had.

Why is it that finding the time to practice is one of the hardest things every musician struggles with?  And if you play an instrument you are a musician, by the way.  It’s not a title you earn one you get to a certain standard.  That would be like saying you aren’t a driver because you only do it once in a while.


There is so much time in a day that we waste.  Adverts on the telly are my pet hate.  We all sit and watch them (well, I don’t and you’ll see why in a minute) but we could be doing so much more with the time.  Why not keep your instrument out of its case and play it in the ads?


The Ad break is, on average, 3 minutes long so if you practice every ad break over 3 hours of telly you’ve done half an hour of practice.  Not a lot but over a week that ads up to 3 and a half hours you haven’t spent as a mindless vegetable.  Not a bad start eh?