Disinfecting a saxophone

I have the flu. Or something similar. Either way its not nice and because I was recording all last week I have probably given the virus to all three of my saxophones. Obviously I must clean them and then wash all the cleaning gear but I was wondering if anyone reading this had any new ideas on making my saxes sanitary again.

Unfortunately I’ve already learned that hard way that resin mouthpieces and boiling salt water isnt a good idea. If you haven’t tried this yet, don’t, all you’ll do is turn your C* a mossy shade of green. I’ve thought about disinfectants such as dettol but do I really want to have to taste that? Because you know that no matter how much you wash it, it will still taste horrible afterwards. Also those bottles come with large ‘do not swallow’ notices.

Boiling water will only do so much, cold salt water wont do much good at all. What else am I missing?