What’s in a name?

Name’s are very important things. I have spoken before about the amount of head scratching that went on whilst naming Storm Dynamics (it was rather a lot.) but what if you have a product up and running already that you want to re-brand?

Re-branding sounds like quite a big deal. Probably because it is. You are changing the public identity of something you have worked hard to promote thus far. It’s not something to be undertaken lightly. So what happens when you want to subtly suggest to a fire d that they should re-brand their company? You take them to Nando’s, of course.

It sounds a bit clandestine when put like that:
“Hey Scott, how do you fancy a meal at Nando’s? I know it’s your favourite. Oh and whilst we’re there I’m going to let my other half try and convince you to change the name of the disco we run… And the logo… And the website… And do more business cards and new flyers.”

I have to admit it wasn’t something that occurred to be before. I thought LightBeat was a good name for the disco as we did amazing lights and all the beats. It does what it says on the tin. But when neither Scott or I had considered was that it didn’t. In the advertising world the word light has been overtaken by ‘lite.’ When read aloud all people hear is a kind of diet version of a disco or worse a disco that specialises in Nora Jones type music. Who wants to book an elevator music disco for their wedding reception? No one does, which is why all our business has previously been referral.

Once explained to Scott he agreed and then the thinking caps came out. It had to be something Scott liked, he didn’t want it to be about himself, he didn’t want more than two words and if possible not even the word disco for fear of people hearing YMCA instead of David Guetta.

He came up with ‘Experience’ one word for a whole lot of things. Officially Experience Disco and Light Show with the tag Unique Disco, Ultimate Entertainment.

We set up a website Experiencedls.co.uk and a Facebook page and so far so good. We’re even booked for a Wedding Fair at the Princes Hall in Aldershot on Sunday 27th Jan.

I’d be interested to know people’s opinions on the name and the rebranding scheme. All comments welcome.

32 Flavors

It seems to me that in this day and age everyone wants something a little bit different from the norm.  Just having the choice of vanilla or chocolate isn’t enough and if you were to pick one of these simple flavours you might be tagged as boring.

The same goes for more than just food though. How many times have we heard kids screaming for an iPad white, because, like, everyone has the original one. Even simple things like admiring a friend’s shoes end in you buying them in a different colour, because it just isn’t done to be the same.

But what if you have a product that is better than your average bear? How do you go about promoting it to the masses? After all it should be obvious that what you have is superior to the competition, but unless you have the gift of the gab then no one will know about it.

That’s what has been happening to my best friend. Scott runs LightBeat Laser Disco which is a disco with a difference. The light show is all lasers; he has some of the most up to date lasers in the country and can create stunning effects on a budget that any party host can afford. He really believes in giving his clients the absolute best and so goes the extra mile for clarity of sound and atmospheric lighting for their events.

Don’t believe me? You can check it out at:


Standard laser setup

Standard laser setup

Stroke of Midnight

I was most definitely not where I thought I’d be at the stroke of midnight. The plan was the same plan my disco partner DJ Scott and I have used for the past few years.

1) Book New Years Eve gig for Lightbeat Laser Disco.
2) Run disco.

As plans go it’s not that complicated and previously has worked it well. Not this year. This year we got a call saying it was all off on the evening of the 30th. Lovely. New Years Eve is always the Big Event in the disco calendar. We even had a brand new PM-1800 Swiss Las multicoloured laser which, naturally, we we’re dying to try out, but it was clearly not meant to be. So what do we do? Well, after what felt like a million phone calls we were left with the evening to ourselves.

So what do you do if you’ve spent all your previous years making the party for someone else?

You do the exact opposite.

So Scott, myself and our respective partners Russell and Inga ended up in a restaurant called Sang Thai in Dorking. If you haven’t been then I highly recommend it, they serve the best Thai food I’ve ever eaten. The service was brilliant, I don’t think I’ve ever seen staff so happy to be doing their jobs and they had also really put a lot into the atmosphere which came complete with glittery cowboy hats for all patrons, party music and free Champagne.

We didn’t stay till midnight, however. We wanted to do something that no one in our merry little group had ever done before. We wanted to see the fireworks and for that we needed a view.

The view from the top of Box Hill durning the day is spectacular. The rolling hills of England stretch out for mile after breathtaking mile. At eleven thirty at night, however, the drive up is quite spooky. The narrow road complete with twisting hairpin bends is crowded on both sides by looming trees which hide any sign of an outside world. We were all trying not to think about it when Russell yelled:
“Hang on. I think this is where the Olympic cyclists rode!”
He was correct and we spent the rest of the drive up looking out for slogans such as ‘Kiss my Cav’ and ‘Go Team GB.’

At night Box Hill is just as spectacular as during the day, but this time it is the lights of the towns and villages below that took centre stage.

We might not have had a microphone to announce the count down over, but between the four of us were can be pretty loud and we may not have had our sound system but Scott had Auld Lang Syne on his iPhone. So we shouted the count down out from the top of the hill and stretched out before us the lights from twenty different displays played themselves out.

I think we had the best seats in the house.