Creative differences

I suppose it was daft of me but I always assumed that ‘creative differences’ happened to bands who had had a good run.  Bands that had either done a few albums or toured all over the place beacuse surely, I reasoned, bands which are just starting out all have the same concept and end game in mind. But apparently not.

In my last post I eargly wrote about the rock n roll band I play for and how we had been signed for an album. We spent a really great week in the studio and were due in one final day (that being today) for the mixing. Then yesterday Shorty Kennett quit. Which poses a problem in a band called Shorty Kennett and the Goldstars. Creative differences, aparrently.

So if you want to be the lead singer of a gigging rock n roll band based in the Andover area do get in touch.  You never know the band could soon be ‘your name here’ and the Goldstars


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