Recording the new Goldstars album

It’s been a while since I found time to write my blog and that a shame because quite a lot has been going on that coul have been shared.

I’ve mentioned the Goldstars before. They are an Andover based rock n roll group that I play sax for. About a month ago one poor venue got terribly confused when tying to book us for a rock n roll show and ended up with a metal band called the Goldstars instead. I’d have loved to be a fly-on-the-wall at that gig. As a result we renamed ourselves and are now Shorty Kennett and the Goldstars. The name seems to be our good luck charm as two weeks later we were signed by Foot-tapping Records and booked to play the two day Jukebox Jive rock n roll festival.

So here we sit, in the studio trying to put Andy (or Shorty as he’s now known) off his vocals and generally marvelling at Big Boy Bloater as he mixes our sound to perfection.

This saturday we are at the Roffay Sports and Social Club in Horsham where we will be pleased to announce preorders for the forthcoming album. You can also follow the band on facebook at


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